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Transition to school


The Catholic Early Learning Centre Mary Queen of the Family Parish works in collaboration with the local parish schools; St Michael’s Primary & St Patrick’s Primary and families to assist in providing a smooth and effective transition to formal schooling for children. This includes incorporating activities that provide a meaningful connection between traditional transition to school programs and the contemporary learning program offered by our learning centre.

Throughout their time at CELC, children will develop their learning and thinking skills and become competent in areas that will assist and challenge them when transitioning to primary school. These areas include:

  • collecting, analysing and organising information;
  • communicating ideas and information;
  • planning and organising activities;
  • working with others in teams;
  • using mathematical ideas and techniques;
  • solving problems and using technology.

Children also visit St Michael’s Primary School and experience the schools learning environments such as the library which enables them to form a connection with the school and develop a level of comfort in a larger environment with older children.

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